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Dear friends,

We are glad to announce the finalists of the 8th Leonid Kogan International Competition:


1st Category

Akihito Ikeda (Japan)

Geyuan Zhang (China)

Zejialin Guan (China)

Valerie Bai (USA-Hong Kong)

Yeeum Lee (South Korea)

2nd Category

Hyunsuk Ryu (South Korea)

Yalan Jin (China)

Jiye Kang (South Korea)

Jude Alexander Kimbel (United Kingdom-Belgium)

Sacha Jorba-Wu (Canada)

Zhang Ziqian (China)

Yehwan Shin (South Korea)

Menghao Lin (China)

Hong Siyue (China)

3rd Category

Sebastian Crăciun Manning (Romania-USA)

Xiwen Chen (Taiwan)

David Martínez González (Spain)

Deniz Yakin (Turkey)

Tiantian Luo (China)

Mihai Mangîr (Moldova-Romania)

Shaoheng Zhong (China)

Hyeon Jeong Kim (South Korea)

4th Category

Isabelle Ong (Singapore)

Mattia Pagliani (Italy)

Seito Nakazawa (Japan)

Viktorya Zakaryan (Armenia)

Wakana Kimura (Japan)

Zixuan Wang (China)

All mentioned above have well passed the first round and are going to participate in the final round of the competition from the 4th to the 8th of June 2024 in Brussels.


*Every participant of the 1st and 2nd categories will receive a participation certificate.

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