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Valerie Bai (9 years old, USA) 1st Prize / 1st Category

Mendellsohn - Concerto 3 movement

 Akihito Ikeda  (8 years old, Japan) 2nd Prize  / 1st Category

Fiorillo - Etude Nr.28

Schubert - The Bee

Jude Kimball Alexander (12 years old, Belgium) 1st Prize  / 2nd Category

Paganini - La Campanella


Sarasate - Zigeunerweisen

 Hyunsuk Ryu (11 years old, South Korea) 2nd Prize / 2nd Category

Wieniawski - Violin Concerto Nr.2 First movement

Tiantian Luo  (16 years old, China) 1st Prize  / 3rd Category

Paganini - Concerto Nr.1 1st movement

Wakana Kimura (23 years old, Japan) 1st Prize / 4th Category

Wieniawski - First Violin Concerto / Ysaye - 6th Sonata

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