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Dear candidates,

We are honoured to announce the 7th Edition of the Leonid Kogan International Competition, which will take place from May 18th to June 8th 2023 (deadline the 7th of May 2023 included).

The 7th edition of Leonid Kogan International Competition will take place in the online format again this year in order to avoid the difficulties that can be caused by the possible new wave of Covid-19. We are counting on your understanding and really hope to see you all present for the next 8th competition in 2024 here in Brussels.

Therefore, Candidates must send the links of the YouTube uploaded videos to the following email address:

The recordings must follow those rules:

- exclusively recorded for the competition and uploaded in private circumstances

​- the following text should be pronounced before each recording: "This recording is made for Leonid Kogan Competition 2023"

- pieces must be uploaded separately to YouTube (one link per piece)

- edited or cut videos are not allowed 

- videos must clearly show both hands and face in one take, with the camera at a fixed angle and close to the candidate

- we recommend making a professional or high-quality video to ensure the optimal material presented to the Jury

- pieces that require accompaniment must always be with piano accompaniment (never orchestra)

- no repetitions in Bach (neither in fast movements)

- two movements of Bach sonatas or partitas should be recorded in a single file

- fill all the necessary information on the title of the video (name of the Candidate, Category, age, and title of the piece)

- Candidates must send all the repertoire in the same mail (1st round and Finale) marking on the title of the video the round of each piece. 

- Video links must be sent all together with the filled application form, passport copy, payment proof, artistic high-quality photography of the Candidate, important diplomas, and a short biography.

Links must be sent by the 7th of May included.

We kindly ask all candidates to read carefully the "Rules" section of the website for further information and regularly check in case of changes.

Please, do not hesitate in writing us for any inquiry.

General Administration | CILK
Concours International Leonid Kogan 
Facebook : Leonid Kogan International Competition 
Instagram : @leonidkoganintcompetition




1. The competition runs in four categories:

    1st  Category: for participants of 9 years old and less at the time of competition.

    2nd Category: for participants of 13 years old and less at the time of competition.

    3rd Category: for participants of 17 years old and less at the time of competition.

    4th Category: for participants of 23 years old and less at the time of competition.


2. All pieces must be performed by memory except Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart and Grieg sonatas for the 4th Category final round which can be performed with the score.


3. The jury is composed of internationally acknowledged musicians.  


4. All compositions must be represented by a score. Participants are obliged to provide themselves with the necessary scores ( including the piano part ) as well as to know the whole repertoire of the competition.


5. The names of the finalists will be proclaimed after the end of the performance of all candidates from the same category. All finalists receive a diploma.


6. All results are likely to be published on the website or social networks. 


7. The association reserves the right to use photos and videos taken during the competition in order to promote its current and future events and publish them on its website or social networks.


8. Travelling and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of the candidate.


9. The association reserves the right to amend the rules in the interest of the competition.


10. Participation fee: 

       First and second Categories: 200 €  

       Third and Fourth Categories: 250 € 

    Attention to non-European Candidates: taxes must be run by the applicants, never by the Competition, so pay attention while making the transfer not to let the taxes on the Competition side. We must receive the exact amount of the participation fee. So for the countries which are not part of SEPA zone please add €12.10.  SEPA zone consists of the 28 EU member states together with the four members of the European Free Trade Association (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland)

      To be paid on the following account: 


      Bank: ING

      IBAN: BE82 3630 6151 0568


      ADDRESS: Place Reine Astrid 30-32, 1090 Brussels,  Belgium.

      (mention « Violin Virtuosi 2023 » and name +  first name of the candidate). 


11.  The candidates must register via the form and attach his/her photo for the program. Any incomplete form could result in the cancellation of the application.


12. The jury has exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disagreement. Its decisions are final and can not be contested. It may possibly be decided not to award a         prize in one or another category. 


13. The Jury President of the International Leonid Kogan Competition will have the second voice, if necessary, in which case he will make the final decision. The President of the International Leonid Kogan Competition for Young Violinists is responsible for all artistic and musical questions.

14. The registration fee can not be refunded.

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