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Dear candidates,

Due to the prediction of a second wave of COVID-19 in autumn, the General Administration of the Leonid Kogan International Competition For Young Violinists (4th Edition) has decided to organize the 3rd and 4th Categories auditions  online, as new restrictions may be imposed by the Belgian Government in travelling and confinement strict measures.
This decision has been taken with great regret by the organisation, because if the Belgian Government decides to close its borders, there will not be a possibility for the competition to continue. 

This decision has also been taken in order to support young violinists interested in keeping their hard work with a goal in mind during those uncertain times, as we have done with the youngest Categories with great success.
Therefore, Candidates of 3rd and 4th Categories must send the links of the YouTube uploaded videos to the following email address:

The recordings must follow those rules:
- exclusively recorded for the competition and uploaded in private circumstances
- pieces must be uploaded separately to YouTube (one link per piece)
- edited or cut videos are not allowed 
- videos must clearly show both hands and face in one take, with the camera in fixed angle and close to the candidate
- we recommend to make a professional or high quality video to ensure the optimal material presented to the Jury
- pieces that require accompaniment must always be with piano accompaniment (never orchestra)
- no repetitions in Bach (neither in fast movements)
- fill all the necessary information on the title of the video (name of the Candidate, Category, age and title of the piece)

- Candidates must send all the repertoire in the same mail (1st round and Finale) marking on the title of the video the round of each piece. 
- Video links must be sent all together with the filled application form, passport copy, payment proof, artistic high quality photography of the Candidate, important diplomas and short biography.

Attention, there has been a changing of the program:
- 3rd Category will not perform Melody by Tchaikovsky.
- 4th Category will not perform Cantabile by Paganini.

Links must be sent before the 18th of October.

We kindly ask all candidates to read carefully the "Rules" section of the website for further information and regularly check in case of changes.
We are at your service for any inquiry via our mail.

Best wishes,

The Leonid Kogan International Competition for Young Violinists General Administration.

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