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Dear candidates,

Due to the global outbreak of COVID-19, the General Administration of the Leonid Kogan International Competition has decided to split the Competition into two groups to make sure that young musicians are not negatively impacted by this difficult situation. Furthermore, the age limit for all categories will be moved to the 31st of December 2020.

Therefore, candidates of the 1st and 2nd Categories will exceptionally perform via online recordings, sending the link of the YouTube uploaded video to the following email address:
Please note that the video must clearly show both hands and face of the candidate in one take, fixed angle, and no edit or cut, and it is recommended to make a professional or high-quality video to ensure the quality of the material presented to the Jury.

Links must be sent before the 25th of June and the decision of the Jury will be communicated before the 30th of June. The candidates of the 1st and 2nd categories need to send 80 euros to the Competition’s account. All participating candidates will receive a participation Honor Diploma from the Competition and the laureates will receive an additional Laureate’s Official Diploma. 

The best laureates of the 1st and 2nd Categories chosen by the Jury will be invited to perform at the Gala Concert that will happen on the 30th of October.

Regarding the 3rd and 4th Categories, the deadline to apply for the Competition is the 10th of October and auditions will be postponed to the 24th of October until the 30th of October included.

We kindly ask all candidates to read carefully the "Rules" section of the website for further information and regularly check in case of any changes.

We are at your service via email for any inquiry.

Thank you for your understanding,

Best wishes,

The Leonid Kogan International Competition General Administration.




1. The Leonid Kogan International Competition for Young Violinists is open to violinists of all nationalities. The Competition will take place in Brussels                   (Belgium) from 12 to 21 May 2020 in the Concert Hall of the Cultural Center  (Rue du Gaz 83, 1020 Bruxelles, Belgique ). The competition is organized by          the A.S.B.L Violin Virtuosi.


2. The competition runs in four categories:

    1st  Category: for participants of 9 years old and less at the time of competition.

    2nd Category: for participants of 13 years old and less at the time of competition.

    3rd Category: for participants of 17 years old and less at the time of competition.

    4th Category: for participants of 23 years old and less at the time of competition.

3. The detailed schedule to hopefully simplify your personal organisation.

     May 12th: Rehearsals with pianists for the 1st and 2nd Categories.
     May 13th: Competition for 1st and 2nd Categories.
     May 14th and 15th: Rehearsals for the 3rd and 4th Categories.
     May 16th: 1st round for the 3rd Category.
     May 17th: 1st round for the 4th Category.
     May 18th: Rehearsals for the finalists of the 3rd and 4th Categories.
     May 19th: Final for the 3rd and 4th Categories.

There will be a Masterclass on the 20th of May and a Gala Concert that will happen on the 20th or 21st. 

4. The competition is open to the public.


5. Pieces chosen by the candidate must be approved by the jury and be part of a published directory.


6. The deadline to apply for the competition is the 1st May.


7. No modification of the program is allowed after 1st May 2020.


8. All pieces must be performed by memory.


9. The jury is composed of internationally acknowledged musicians.  


10. All compositions must be represented by a score. Participants are obliged to provide themselves with the necessary scores ( including the piano part ) as        well as to know the whole repertoire of the competition.


11. The names of the finalists will be proclaimed after the end of the performance of all candidates from the same category. All finalists receive a diploma.


12. All results are likely to be published on the website or social networks. 


13. The finalists must perform for free at the laureates' concert which will take place on the 21st of May. 


14. The association reserves the right to use photos and videos taken during the competition in order to promote its current and future events, and                       publish them on its website or social networks.


15. Travelling and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of the candidate.


16. The association reserves the right to amend the rules in the interest of the competition.


17. Participation fee: 

      1st Category: 80 € 

      2nd Category: 80 € 

      3rd Category: 100 € 

      4th Category: 100 € 

      To be paid on the following account:  asbl Violin Virtuosi - IBAN: BE82 3630 6151 0568. BIC: BBRUBEBB

      (mention « Violin Virtuosi 2020 » and name +  first name of the candidate). 


18.  The candidates must register via the form and attach his/her photo for the program. Registration must be done before 15th April 2020. Any incomplete           form could result in the cancellation of the application.


19. The jury has exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disagreement. Its decisions are final and can not be contested. It may possibly be decided not to award a         prize in one or another category. 


20. The Jury President of the International Leonid Kogan Competition for Young Violinists will have the second voice, if necessary, in which case he will make        the final decision. The President of the International Leonid Kogan Competition for Young Violinists is responsible for all artistic and musical questions.

21. Conditions for accompaniment: the competition proposes several piano accompanists. 

      Participation fee: Cat 1 & 2 = 70 €;  Cat 3 & 4 = 100 €.

      Payment must be made at the same time as the payment of the registration fee.


22. The registration fee and the fee for the accompaniment can not be refunded.

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